Mar 02

Finding My Groove Again

For the past few months, there’s been a voice in the back of my mind nudging me to finally return to blogging, and I figured it was about time. Besides, my blog was where it all began 7 years ago so it feels good to come back to my roots and shake things up around here.

May 26

Why I Decided To Take A Break

Every week for the last 8 weeks, I’ve clicked on the “new post” tab on my blog, hoping that I’d feel overcome with a wave of inspiration and paragraphs of insightful things to say. But funnily enough, throughout this lockdown, the last thing I’ve wanted to do is write a blog post and here’s why.

Apr 01

Uplifting and Inspiring Quotes I’m Loving Right Now

A few of my favourite uplifting and inspiring quotes that have really resonated with me recently.

Mar 30

5 Things That Are Helping Me At The Moment

A few things that are helping me right now to keep perspective, stay positive and find normalcy during this uncertain time.

Mar 18

A Few Thoughts On Everything That’s Going On

I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt very very overwhelmed by it all. Most of us have never experienced anything like this in our lifetime and it’s hard to get to grips with it, isn’t it?

Why You Don't Need To Overhaul Your Life This New Year
Jan 11

Why You Don’t Need To Overhaul Your Life This New Year

A brand new year is upon us and no doubt you’ve already been inundated with new year new me posts and checklists of alllll the things you need to change in order to be happy/successful/fulfilled in 2020. Now, I am all for new year’s goals and using January as a reset period to gain a little perspective and get back to your usual routine after a hectic and indulgent December. However, I also want to remind you that you don’t need to overhaul your life this new year and change every single aspect of what you do just because it’s January!

Peyto lake, Banff, at sunset
Jan 02

3 Things 2019 Has Taught Me

As we move into a brand new year – and even more crazily, a new decade – I’m finding myself looking back over the last 12 months and reflecting on the year that’s been. I always like to take the time between Christmas and New Year to check in and think about my successes, failures and everything the year has taught me. Here are 3 things 2019 has taught me and how I’ll be taking these lessons into the new year.

Apr 17

Important Lessons I’m Taking Into My Next Year

It’s the eve of my 27th birthday, and I’ve got to thinking about everything that’s come to life in the last year and some of the important lessons I’ve learned. 26 was a pretty epic…

Mar 28

Why Failure Is Success In Disguise

We’re told from a young age that failure is the opposite of success, so we navigate through life eliminating all possibility of failure and being afraid of what might happen if we don’t achieve what we set out to do. But what I’ve realised is that failure is success in disguise, and some of the major turning points and lessons in my life have been as a result of failure. And here’s why.

Mar 23

7 Ways To Be More Eco-Conscious While Travelling

Sustainability and being more eco-conscious is something I’ve been trying to focus on a lot more lately. I’ve been thinking more about the way that I consume and dispose of products and trying to educate myself on the impact we’re having on the environment and how…

new years goals
Jan 15

My New Years Goals And Intentions For 2019

We’re officially halfway through the first month of 2019 and if I’m totally honest with you, I’ve really loved the start of this year. While I usually start the year at a million miles per hour…

Nov 01

7 Tips To Get Yourself Out Of A Funk

I’ve been battling something these last few weeks that I wanted to open up about, with the hope that it might help in case you’ve been feeling a similar way too. 

How To Feel More Confident On A Beach
Oct 17

How To Feel More Confident On A Beach Break

Sharing a few of my best tips on how to feel more confident on a beach break, and simple things that help me feel more confident in my skin, as well as a bit of self-love encouragement so you can also feel as fabulous and confident as possible on that beach break!

Habits To Make Your Days More Productive
May 22

Positive Habits To Make Your Days More Productive

been feeling so positive and happy lately. It’s partly because summer’s almost in full swing and summer in Vancouver is one …

Why Its Okay If Things Arent Always Perfect
Feb 25

Why It’s Okay If Things Aren’t Always Perfect

been pondering writing this post for the last few days, and i’ve finally decided to share a few things i’ve been feeling …

Jan 04

Making 2018 The Best Year Yet

New Year lovely people! I for one am so excited for this year and having time off over the holidays was much …

Dec 30

My Favourite Moments Of This Year

new year is just around the corner and so before we launch into 2018, I wanted to take a moment to …

Aug 10

Life After Graduation: 3 Years On

memory popped up on my Facebook feed a few weeks ago and it’s been on my mind ever since. It was …

Jul 05

Tips To Make Travel Less Stressful

of the things I love most in the world is travelling. Whether we’re going somewhere far far away or if it’s …

How To Live Your Dream
May 28

5 Steps To Make A Change & Live Your Dream

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”   all have an idea of our dream …