Reflecting on 2015

So, it’s that time again. 

The start of a New Year, and the time when we start thinking about our resolutions, aspirations and hopes for the coming year. But as nice as it is to keep moving forward, it’s good to think about what we’ve learned and experienced over the last year as well. 

I don’t know about you, but I feel like 2015 has flashed before my eyes. This year has been an incredible one – perhaps one of the best years of my life – so I’d love to reflect on the year and share my highlights with you. 


My perspective has changed a lot in 2015. I’ve learned a lot about myself, what’s important and what makes me happy. I’ve also learned a lot about trust, not necessarily trusting other people, but rather trusting myself and my abilities. I’ve come to realize how powerful our mind can be and that if we really want something, there’s nothing stopping us from getting it. People often call us ‘lucky’ – but I don’t believe in luck. I think you create your own success and opportunities, and it’s down to you to make your dreams happen. 


At the beginning of 2015, I had little idea about what I wanted to ‘do’. I knew that a career in law wasn’t the path for me, but that was about it. Fast forward 9 months, i’ve (somehow?) managed to create a digital communications business that allows me to do what I love, write my own schedule and align my lifestyle with my career. I’m now (somehow?) getting paid to go on adventures and write about it on my blog. It’s MAD! This year I went on a sponsored trip to Mexico with Southwest Airlineswhich to this day I still can’t quite believe happened. It’s been an insane year for opportunities – I’m still pinching myself, pretty damn hard, as I still don’t feel like it’s real. 2016 has a lot to live up to. 


I never thought it was possible to be this in sync & in love with someone, but I guess love constantly surprises you in beautiful ways…aaaaand I guess it makes you all mushy and soppy too, right?! (ha ha).  I do feel incredibly lucky to have found my guy, and I can’t wait for the next year of adventures. Our goal for 2016 is to get a dog. I think i’ll cry and scream and roll around on the floor in excitement when that day finally comes. My head will probably actually explode, but i’m okay with that. It probably won’t happen for another couple of years but hey…there’s nothing wrong with aiming high!


As much as you think things will stay the same, the reality is that moving away has an incredible impact on friendship. It makes the strong friendships even stronger, and the weak friendships even weaker. It teaches you a lot about your people and the ones who will stand by you no matter how many miles are between you. I’ve met so many amazing people over this past year too, and it’s been nice to extend my support network to Vancouver. It was scary as hell going out to meet new people and it literally felt like I was back at little school again, but it was all worthwhile. I love having a network of people who inspire and empower me – I think it’s really important and it lifts me in so many ways.


This year has definitely been one for exploring. Exploration became a huge priority for me in 2015, and I love discovering new places and building my scrapbook of experiences. Hiking has become one of my favourite hobbies this year too – I love adventuring around the mountains as it brings this amazing feeling of exhilaration and peace. For me, exploration is about continually learning more and expanding your horizons, which can be achieved in the smallest or hugest of ways. Wherever you live in the world, there are so many places to discover – you just need to open your mind and look that bit deeper to find it. 


As we go into 2016, i’ve got to put that trust and power to the test. I’ve got to be flexible and open, and trust that whatever situation we find ourself in, we’ll work it out. Things are uncertain with our visa next year, which means we have to leave Vancouver for a little while until things get sorted out. It scares me so much as I love our life here, but it’s also incredibly exciting. I know that this uncertainty will bring tons of new opportunities in one way or another, and as much as I just want a crystal ball to see the future, I can’t wait for the surprises on this journey that lies ahead. 

I also want to thank my lovely readers for supporting me over the last year and making this whole blogging thing possible. I can’t wait for the adventures and opportunities that 2016 will bring, and I hope it’s full of happiness and success for you too! Cheers to the New Year – let’s make it one to remember!

bow lake

Banyan Tree Mayakoba beach

• H O M E • Proud to call this beautiful our home. Happy BC day!! #golivexplore

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