Cat Ba & Ha Long Bay

Cat Ba is a beautiful island off Northern Vietnam mainland with lots to do and lots to see. Located just near to Ha Long and Lan Ha Bay, this is a great place to base yourself if you want to explore these breathtaking islands.

Things to do

Day Trips to Ha Long Bay – Snorkel and kayak around Ha Long Bay and find monkeys and wildlife hidden on the pretty rocky islands.

Overnight Boat trips around Ha Long Bay – Enjoy a 2-day trip around Ha Long and Lan Ha bay, with accommodation on the boat so you can wake up surrounded by the most beautiful landscape.

Monkey Island – Take a boat over to Monkey Island and find wild Macaques roaming around the island. Be careful though – they’ll try to steal anything that’s shiny!

Hospital Cave – Make your way up to the hospital cave (around 5km from Cat Ba Town) and discover the hidden cave used to treat wounded soldiers during the Vietnam war.

Floating Village – Explore the magical floating villages located just off Cat Ba pier.

Trekking in Cat Ba National Park – Enjoy a full or half day hike around the National Park. Walking shoes or trainers and sports gear is recommended, as it’s a fairly sweaty hike especially if you climb the mountain. Alternatively, rent bicycles or motorbikes and make your own way to the NP (the route is easy, and overall around 25km) so that you can hike and enjoy the scenery at your leisure. If you’re lucky, you may even spot the elusive Golden Headed Langur, the rarest primate in Asia.

Cat Ba Beaches – Cycle or walk up to the small beach coves located just a short walk from Cat Ba Town.


There are plenty of hotels and hostels that line the sea-front, so you’ll easily find somewhere to stay. There are a few bars and plenty of restaurants, however note that the town sleeps relatively early. After 11pm, few bars are open, and make sure to check whether your hotel is 24 hours, otherwise you may find yourself locked out after midnight.


Motorbike: Rent a motorbike for around 80,000VD per day, but make sure to ask whether this is inclusive or gas, as this may incur an extra charge.

Bicycle: Rent mountain bikes for around 70-80,000VD daily. It’s a fairly hilly island, but it’s a beautiful way to explore the surroundings and the small villages in the mountains.

Taxis: Taxis are available, but if you want to explore the island at your leisure, you may be better hiring a bicycle or motorbike. Expect to pay around 270,000VD for a ride up to the National Park, which is around 12km away.

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