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Ultimate Relaxation at Float Yaletown

Last week I floated over to a place that I haven’t yet explored.

A place of tranquility, isolation, and sensory deprivation. A place that allows you to completely shut off from the world, unplug from society and connect with your mind, body and soul. This magical place is called Float Yaletown

If you’ve floated before, the chances are you’ll be itching to do it again.

If you’re a float newbie, I want to give you an insight into what it’s like to feel weightless, to embark on a journey unlike no other, and to enter a state of relaxation with nothing but darkness and silence. 

float yaletownIt sounds scary, I know. Honestly, it’s not. I had no idea what it would be like either, and the truth is, it’s one of those experiences that you need to try to fully understand. I will tell you this though – if you’re feeling stressed out, or if work’s taking its toll, or if you just want to experience something new, it’s something you’ve got to try.

Floating involves lying in an enclosed Float Pod that’s filled with 10 inches of water and 900lbs of Epsom salts dissolved into it, which makes the water completely buoyant so you float effortlessly.

You lie in darkness and in silence for around 90 minutes, and the climate is harmonious with your body’s temperature. There’s nothing to see, hear or smell. You lie in a senseless environment, completely naked, releasing your body’s stress, tension, and pain by entering a state of complete relaxation.

Floating helps to rebalance the imbalances of everyday life, improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety, reduce bloating and create mental clarity. 

float house yaletown

At first, it’s strange. It takes your body a few seconds to get used to floating, but then your relaxation journey begins. You pull the lid down, turn off the light, find a comfortable position and take a long, deep breath. 

My immediate thought was, “What on Earth am I going to do in here for 90 minutes?” My head was filled with chatter – I couldn’t stop thinking about work, the fact that I hadn’t gone to the gym, that I needed to buy groceries & what i’d write for this blog post. But then I remembered the floating techniques pinned up on the wall.

“Bring awareness to your breath. Take deep inhales through the nose, and exhale through the mouth, fully emptying the diaphragm. Notice areas of tension and soften them by sending your breath to those spots and letting go. Repeat a repetitive mantra, such as Om (nothingness), Sat Nam (my true self) or Saa, Taa, Naa, Maa (infinity, life, death, rebirth)”

In almost an instant, the chatter disappeared. I felt my eyes falling, and the tension slowly releasing from my muscles. It was beautiful. 

Before I knew it, the sound of soft music drifted into my ears, indicating that my float had finished. “Wow,” I thought, “Where’d that 90 minutes go?” I wriggled my toes and rolled my shoulders. It felt like i’d just had a 90 minute-long massage. My muscles felt loose, my body felt calm & I felt more relaxed than ever. 

float yaletown

After showering & getting ready in the lovely changing area, I sank into the sofa with a cup of herbal tea, reveling in my last few minutes of relaxation and tranquility. I left feeling revitalized, calm & completely at peace. It was the perfect way to unwind after a busy few weeks, and I guarantee i’ll be back to try it again!

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