11 Top Smartphone Apps For Travellers

If you’re planning an adventure around the world, don’t forget to download these top smartphone apps for travellers to help you with every step of your journey!

1) XE

When you’re travelling to different countries, switching between currencies is a confusing game. XE is an accurate currency converter app that allows you to store up to 10 different currencies at once and check and compare your rates. It works offline too so you can use it on the move.

2) Cloud

Using a cloud app to store your photos is a great idea, so if you ever damage or lose your phone or laptop, at least you have a backup. I use Microsoft’s One Drive as you get 1TB of free storage with an Office 365 subscription, but there’s always iCloud and Google Drive.

3) Whatsapp

You’ve probably use Whatsapp anyway, but now you can call for free too, it’s the perfect way to chat with your buddies back home. All for free!

4) Trip Case

This clever app imports any flight details from your email and stores it in the app, so if you’re taking multiple flights its a great way to keep your details together and organised. It also gives you flight updates, local weather, check-in reminders and information about where you’re going.

5) Hostel World

Hostel World is a great app that allows you book accommodation as you go along, with reviews and pictures so you can plan ahead on the move. I often use the Booking.com app too, which is simple and easy to use and keeps a record of any future bookings.

6) Instagram

If you’re capturing amazing photos whilst you’re travelling, why not share your most-loved snaps with the world? Instagram is a great way to stay connected with pictures, and at the drop of a hashtag you can conduct some photographic research of your upcoming destinations to get inspired.

7) Notes

A notes app is always handy for jotting down important information, reminders or even just for noting down what’s on your mind. I tend to just use the basic notes app on my iPhone, as it’s easy to use and I can send the page straight to my e-mail.

8) Go Pro

The Go Pro is brilliant for checking your footage on the move. All you need to do is pair your phone & GoPro wifi and you can download your amazing shots straight to your phone. 

9) Banking

Banking apps are so useful when you’re travelling and you need to check your balance or move money between accounts. I never like to keep too much money in my current account just in case my card gets stolen, so I find the HSBC Banking App brilliant as it allows you to easily manage your money on the go.

10) Skype

Skype is a classic yet indispensable app that is perfect for keeping in touch on the go and video calling your loved ones to keep them updated about your many adventures.

11) Google Translate

The perfect app to help with the language barrier when you’re hopping between countries!

Did I miss off any apps? If you use an app that you just can’t live without, drop me a comment below and I’ll add it in! 

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