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Why You Should Learn to Scuba Dive

If you love adventure, then learn to scuba dive! If you’re travelling to any tropical destination in the world, you’d be crazy to miss out on all the underwater life that surrounds these beautiful areas. Being able to scuba dive will open your eyes to what’s out there and it will make you see things from a whole new perspective.

Read on to find out why learning to dive should be number 1 on your travel bucket list.

1) 70% of the world is water – why stop at your 30%?

Think about how many amazing sights and adventures there are to explore on land – but did you know that land covers only 30% of the world? Imagine how many amazing things you can discover under the water. Being able to dive allows you to explore so many new areas, so why restrict yourself?

2) Exploration

Scuba diving allows you to see and experience parts of the world that no other person has seen. It also allows you to explore underwater caves, reefs, wrecks and find animals and organisms that you never even knew existed. I managed to dive with manta rays on just my sixth dive, and I can’t begin to explain amazing it was to interact with such beautiful and graceful creatures. Scuba Diving Tips For Beginners

3) Push your boundaries

Diving inevitably puts you out of your comfort zone. It’s a foreign experience and you’re dealing with new equipment and surroundings. But that’s not a bad thing! In fact, it’s all part of the fun. It’s good to push your boundaries. It keeps you open-minded, you learn new things and you develop a new found confidence. Although diving looks scary, as long as you keep your cool, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it really is.

why you should learn to scuba dive

4) Adventure

You get a real sense of adventure when you dive. If you crave new experiences and excitement, diving is for you. There are so many amazing things to be seen and found underwater. One thing you can pretty much guarantee is that every dive will be different and you’ll constantly be surprised with what you find!

why learn to dive

5) Enjoyment

Most of all, diving gives a sense of euphoria and freedom and that is completely unique to any other sport. Scuba diving is so enjoyable as it allows you to explore the underwater worlds and experience new and wonderful things.

If you want to learn to scuba dive then what are you waiting for! Find a reputable dive centre, leave any worries or nerves at home and most of all, have an amazing time exploring the underwater world! One thing for sure is that once you start diving, you’ll never stop!


  1. January 20, 2015 / 1:14 pm

    when i was about 13 i swam with sharks and have since in my early 20’s swam in the sea and scuba dived a little but not recenlty would love to though so beautiful to see

    • Go Live Explore
      January 20, 2015 / 1:23 pm

      Wow you must have been scared swimming with sharks at 13!

      Yeah diving is such a beautiful experience i’d recommend it to anyone! Where in the world are you at the minute?

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