Travelling Cambodia

Cambodia is a country of incredible beauty, breath-taking temples and a dark yet captivating history.

It’s home to Angkor Wat, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and boasts culture, wilderness and beautiful tropical islands that fringe the southern coast. Cambodia is still overcoming its darkest years, with landmines still plaguing the nation resulting in deaths and destruction even today.

Cambodia, in all its splendour, adventure and depth, is perfect for holidaymakers, backpackers and those who seek adventure in the heart of Southeast Asia.

Getting Around

Cambodia is fairly easy to get around, with plenty of flights and buses available between towns and big cities.

If you’re used to bus transport around Vietnam or Thailand, don’t expect the same standards in Cambodia. Transport between small towns is often in small, cramped minibuses, and drivers will always attempt to fit more people than there are seats. Big buses are generally okay, most fitted with Air Con, but these are generally only available between bigger cities. Some companies advertise TVs, WiFi and an on-board toilet, but don’t rely on this as this is rarely the case. Always double-check what type of bus you’re getting, and don’t expect to be at your destination on time. Journeys often take 1-2 hours longer than what is advertised, and few roads are tarmac so prepare yourself for a very bumpy ride.

Getting around towns is relatively straight forward, with an abundance of tuc-tucs at your disposal and motorbike rental generally available for around $5-$7 per day. Bicycles can often be rented for free from hotels, or at around $2 per day from street vendors.

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