Departure for Vietnam

This is it. We’re going travelling! It’s an odd feeling and it still doesn’t feel real.

The goodbyes were heartbreaking – my recollection is all still a blur. Leaving my loved ones has easily been one of the hardest things i’ve ever had to do. I saw my parents at their weakest and I realized just how huge it is for them too – they’re letting go of their little girl and dealing with an empty nest for the first time. It’s tough, no doubt. 

Personally, I thought the ton of bricks would have hit me by now. That ton of bricks being the realisation of leaving home, moving to a new country, living out of a backpack. But it hasn’t, not yet anyway. Perhaps all of this planning has prepared me for what’s ahead. Perhaps not, but only time will tell. 

And while I’ve had to say a million-and-one goodbyes to my friends and family, there’s one person who I haven’t had to say bye to. No more train goodbyes, plane goodbyes, standing on the driveway in the rain goodbyes. This is us now.

This is the piece of the puzzle that we’ve been waiting to fit for so long. This is the start of our adventure, also known as our life. 



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