Introducing: The Mayari Collection


I am so thrilled to launch my jewellery collection, Mayari, created in collaboration with the amazing Vancouver jewellery brand, True Curated Designs.

The Mayari Collection features 10 beautiful and delicate pieces, set in 10k solid yellow gold with ethically sourced diamonds and natural moonstone. The collection is designed to be a reflection of inner strength, empowerment & calm through uncertainty, and remind us of how resilient we are regardless of what comes our way.

The lunar motifs were born from my love of the night sky, the stars and the moon. I see the moon as such a powerful force with the ability to command the rise and fall of tides and impact change within ourselves. It offers a guiding light through darkness, which is something I deeply resonate with especially through my personal journey of grief and change over the last 2 years.

The name, Mayari, is inspired by the Goddess of the Moon in Tagalog mythology, who was a powerful leader of feminine strength and the night sky. I've loved every stage of the creative process and it's been a joy working with True's founder Tori Dundas and bringing these ideas to life. I feel the collection strikes the perfect synthesis between luxury and affordability which was really important to us, and I love that the pieces can be worn 24/7 as a companion to your everyday adventures. As Tori says... "life is the luxury" and fine jewellery shouldn't just be reserved for special occasions. All pieces effortlessly layer together and the quality is exceptional, which is something I've been continually impressed with since I discovered the brand last year. True's jewellery is truly made to last - it can be worn in the shower, in the ocean, and for every adventure in life without the worry of tarnishing. The pieces are delicate in style yet durable and strong, and the collection tells a story of purpose and strength which I hope speaks to you in some way.

As of August 15th, the collection is now available for pre-sale. Quantities of each piece are limited, so this pre-sale period allows you to get your hands on the pieces first - you'll just need to wait a few weeks for them to arrive on your doorstep! It's been the most amazing journey designing this collection and seeing this all come alive. I couldn't be more proud of what Tori and I have created and I hope you love it all as much as we do!

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Photography by Matt Hutchinson.

"The Mayari Collection represents inner strength, empowerment and calm through uncertainty and the unknown. The sparkling lunar motifs offer guiding light through the seasons of life, inspired by our guide and the collection namesake, Mayari - Goddess of the Moon."

The Mayari Pieces

The Mayari collection is delicate in style, yet durable and strong, mirroring the inspiration behind each design. All pieces have been created with purpose and meaning, made with natural diamonds and moonstone set in solid 10 karat yellow gold. 

The Designs

The moon offers us a guiding light in the darkness and is a symbol of continual transformation and the ever-changing phases of life. With the ability to command the rise and fall of the tides, the moon is a powerful force and represents regeneration and empowerment.

The diamond-encrusted crescent moon is a symbol of intuition and femininity and serves as a reminder of new beginnings, hope and positivity.

The circle full moon motifs represent love, eternity and constant transformation. With no corners or endings, circles hold an endless flow of energy and growth which reflects the journey of life and the changes and cycles that comes with it.

Known as the traveler’s stone, the moonstone holds space for personal vision and encourages us to follow our dreams, providing direction through the unknown - in adventures and life.

"Fine jewellery, to me, is worn with purpose and holds meaning. Daily reminders as you adorn yourself. These beautiful designs emote living a life filled with purpose, strength and adventure!

Alicia has great style, grounded in feminine beauty and complimentary accessories. So the jewellery was designed to be layered together with every piece in your closet, and effortlessly accompany you on your daily adventures. We hope you love wearing these pieces and share with us what they mean to you as you treat yourself!"

- Tori Dundas, True Curated Designs Founder

 Thank you for all your continual support which has led me to this moment…proud is an understatement!! I'd love to know which is your favourite piece, and if you purchase any for yourself, make sure you tag us at @alicia_haque & @truecurateddesigns and use #TruexAlicia so we can see them styled on you 🙂 


  1. Tracey Murray
    August 15, 2022 / 1:30 pm

    The collection is amazing. It’s unique, elegant and inspiring, I love every piece 😍🤩

    • Go Live Explore
      August 16, 2022 / 8:21 am

      Thank you Trace ❤️ ❤️ xxx

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